Message to Stakeholders

Dear Esteemed Customer and Stakeholder,

While efforts to contain the global COVID-19 epidemic continue to evolve, NASCON is taking proactive and voluntary steps to protect our customers, consumers and staff in our bid to continue to support and deliver quality nutritious products to our community.

We activated the measures below in readiness for a potential outbreak of COVID-19 in Nigeria:

  • Personal Hygiene: We instituted employee awareness trainings on precautionary measures in line with the guidelines provided by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), the Federal and State governments.
    These include: regular washing of hands, the provision of alcohol-based sanitizers and infrared Thermometers in all our locations for both staff and visitors use.
  • Events and Outdoor Business Activities: We have suspended all company events, travels, and outdoor marketing activities. We have also instituted social distancing and ensured all staff who have just returned from travels are placed on self-isolation as necessary. We have equally taken measures to cancel all in-marketing activities and meetings of more than ten persons across all our offices and production facilities
  • Business Continuity: In the event that we encounter situations that caused interruption to normal business, the Dangote Group has a well-developed Business Continuity Plan (BCP) which ensures that we are able to maintain our operations and supply products to customers without compromising the safety of our staff.
  • Communication and Feedback: Our dedicated customer service team will ensure that we always update our stakeholders on the latest developments on how NASCON is responding to the challenges and provide support to our customers across board.
    We are also concerned about the pandemic, hence we will continue to prioritize safety by reviewing the above and swiftly respond to any prevailing circumstances.

If you have any customer or consumer questions/comments, please contact our customer service at 0700 888 0888 or via email at

For investor relations questions/comments, please email